Reformation of Food and Family Conference Trip - Part 1

Before Michelle Duggar spoke at the Gonzalez Convention Center, four of her sweet daughters got up to sing a sweet song of Jesus and being saved by the blood of the Lamb!

On the video notes on Vimeo, we placed the following explanation:

For years we had always wanted to go to one of Vision Forum's conferences including the Baby Conference and their San Antonio Independent Film Festival. Due to lack of funds or living overseas we haven't been able to until recently. What a blessing it was for our family to attend their wonderful Reformation of Food and Family Conference!

May this video be a blessing to all who hear it and give praise to our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ!

-Tim and Franicia White and children

(Heistheway, Pelaiah, Abraham, Noah and Daniel)

Fresh Organic Mini-Loaves

These loaves were such an answer to prayer. I was desiring a rich and melting center in my mini-loaves that were soft and spongy, moist, with a good crumb.

What I like about making bread this way is that you have a lot of crust to eat as opposed to sandwich-type of loaves. It makes it great for quick bites with some yummy organic butter or fresh good quality butter.

We have a lot of photos from days of baking using various organic grains such as hard red winter wheat, spelt, and barley. I also took some short video clips to remember the process.

I liked the recipe so much that I experimented with it and used it for pizza dough. It worked out really well! Since it was so easy to put together I decided that it was a good recipe to use for the cooking show that may air this April.


Sharing Gospel Tracts - The Loved Illusion Cards from Living Waters

As we were driving back home from our Thanksgiving (story here and here) celebration, we spotted the man we had seen walking many times in the morning and afternoons. What intrigued us the most was that he would walk along the side of the road as his two tame dogs sat on the back of the walking caribou. It's a sight you have to witness for yourself.

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