Happy 15th Birthday, Heistheway


Usually when your oldest child, especially one who happens to be the first grandchild on both sides of the family, experiences something monumental in big ways ways and small its amazement has far-reaching effects. Is our baby girl really a young woman about to learn how to drive and experience so much more? Time sure does fly by quickly. 


Here is a birthday message we put for Heistheway on Instagram: 


We can’t believe our outgoing and thoughtful Heistheway is fifteen and is excited about getting her driver’s permit. She said she wanted to bless fifteen people for her birthday in some way. We all chipped in to get something she’s been saving up for that she said helps her with being more efficient and her fitness goals. 😍🎉🎈

We love you, baby girl! You’re such a great example for your siblings and others and show compassion in a beautiful way. It’s encouraging to see how you love blessing others because of your love for people and the Lord.#birthdaygirl ❤️🎉😘