God is Our Refuge: Thankful for Our Church

On this Lord’s Day I’ve been up nursing a feverish baby around four this morning. It is barely seven (when writing this) and singing the beautiful tune of Pastor Jeff Pollard’s song he made for the word-for-word verses in Psalms 46 have been a comfort for our family and helped put Gabriel to sleep.

Yesterday Priscilla asked Tim when we were going to put our stuff back in our house in Pensacola again. It’s her first move that she can barely understand, and it’s hitting her hard with tears. This is a painful thing and first-time realization our children, like many military children, have to go through at this very young age. Please pray for her. We may have to buy little gifts again to make moving fun like we did when we moved from overseas. 

Also, my immune system has been down the past few days. I was a bit better yesterday but exhausted. We have encountered some new challenges this past week, and we are thankful for His comfort and abundant help He has provided. We’re so grateful for our church and Pastor Clarence’s help and volunteering to come to our aid yesterday for the final stretch. May the Lord bless all of you who have prayed for us and helped us so graciously. Thank you so much and much love to you! 🙏❤️🏡

(😊📷 I’m posting a picture of most of yesterday’s help without permission and why it is blurred for now. I may post again if those in the photo are comfortable only and would like it to be shared since it is not necessary. Those of us who know them can appreciate their smiles and memory. :-)

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(Note: When I wrote this post early this morning to share quickly for prayer and praise on Instagram and automatically share a copy to Facebook, I wasn’t thinking about sharing it in a blog post for our website. So I am sharing this later here than I did there.)