Chattanooga July 16 Terrorist Attack Memories, Mixed Emotions, and Sharing More When We’re Ready


We remember. 🙏

On Facebook I shared a private July 16 memory and said, “It’s been an emotional day for us for various reasons, thinking of Mom’s death a year before this and then this day at Tim’s work at NOSC Chattanooga as CO that has changed so many people’s lives in Chattanooga forever. Our hearts break especially for all the families who have suffered due to the July 16, 2015 terrorist attack at the NOSC. 😔😢

I tried to make a post today but couldn’t. Instead we spoke and listened as a family especially to Tim’s song that was therapeutic with Operation Song Chattanooga in response to the attack called “When Terror Came to Chattanooga.” I tried to share that again today, but even after four years, it’s still a lot to process. 🇺🇸😭”

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