Such a Loving Father — A Beautiful Sight


Tim and I are so thankful for the many loving daddies in our lives -- especially our own fathers. The impact they’ve had in our lives and the lives of our children is truly immense and we are so grateful for it!

As I reflect on fatherhood, I think of my precious sweetheart, Tim, and wanted to write these words for him.

Sweetheart, I knew when we got married that you would love me, but I didn’t realize how much you would cherish me as much as the Bible commands husbands to. I have been continuously blessed and beyond honored to be your bride.

Even more-so, you continue to melt my heart with your love and devotion for our children. You are such a tender-hearted, sweet, compassionate, firm, fun, patient, involved, sacrificial, forgiving, godly, and loving daddy!  I love seeing how you interact with our children and how excited they are to see you when you come home every day!

You bless us with our Bible times every night, and I love how you make it fun for the children when the time is right so that Bible time is always special. You light up our lives, and I’m so thankful for you! Happy Father’s Day, Love!