I Love Our Family


"I love our family!" These were some of the words 11-year-old Heistheway said this morning at the breakfast table.

I was happy to hear that but I wanted to know why. We like to ask why so that we can grow and continue to do the things that help our family improve.

"I love how even if we're tired or exhausted we'll talk patiently and treat each other lovingly. It's so joyful in our home and not a drudgery!" she beams.

Before Heistheway said these things I had just finished telling Tim some things with a smile even though I was feeling rather tired. We had just returned from a trip to Tennessee to look for a house to rent and are pretty sleep deprived. Travelling is expensive especially with many children (and special food needs) so we needed to do everything in a few days.

In fact, a couple of days ago I was so tired I was asking where Shiloh took off to when in fact I was nursing her! That was a first time for me since I try to get adequate rest for as much as we do as with homeschooling, nursing, caring for little ones, and the different things we are involved with as a family.

I was so happy to hear that Heistheway loves being in our family! Many times and sometimes multiple times a day our children share these things out of nowhere and that is a great encouragement to us!

It has been our goal to honor the Lord with our family and to make being a part of it a joy and blessing instead of drudgery. We want our children to love the Lord's ways and His people, not run the other direction.

Our family is not perfect and yes we have our challenging days too, but it is our goal to be as calm and patient as possible. It helps to talk with a loving smile.

If we need to be serious and firm we want our children to know we love them and cover them with kisses and hugs even though they don't seem to deserve it. We let them know that we struggle just like they do but that God brings great blessing when we obey Him.