Happy Birthday, Sweet Shiloh!

Our bright and cheerful Shiloh is so full of joy and is celebrating her 6th birthday today! Her birthday request was for sushi rice and yummy sides to go with it as well as some coconut ice cream treats. All she wanted for her birthday gift was some “older children” LEGO and has passed on her Duplo Lego to her younger siblings. She was blessed with LEGO gifts, a nice bicycle some of us chipped in for, and money. Though gifts are not necessary, it’s so sweet to see even how much delight Shiloh had in opening up her birthday cards from Saipan, Georgia, and her siblings!

We love you, our dear Shiloh girl! You bring such great joy into our lives, and so many of us have been blessed with your thoughtfulness and special cards! We love seeing how you even make neighbors and strangers cry with your simple acts of kindness and thoughtfulness towards them because you want to bless them with your love and drawings. May the Lord continue to bless you and point others to praise Him through your smile and love! Happy Birthday!