Preparing Travel Food from Scratch for a Family of Nine

Steamed vegetables and omelettes are missing in this phone photo

Steamed vegetables and omelettes are missing in this phone photo

(Note: Sometimes posting updates and photos on Instagram seem easier for me to do because we're so busy and I don't have to pick a title. Tim has been encouraging me to use our blog more to post the same things I do on our family Instagram account and I'm trying to be better about that. He's always so encouraging! I hope the short post below is helpful.)

Many people ask us, "How does the White family eat?" 🍏 They've been encouraging us to write our food and health books for years, but that project has been taking a while.

This is a small look into what it's like to prepare to travel a very long distance. It's a lot of work to eat well and spend less money for a long road trip and for a family our size. 😊 We're not always able to prepare this much, but with all our recent travel we're trying our best to cut costs while still being nourished. 👍 🍎

This is just some of the food and prep work for three meals for a family our size and a husband who has a large healthy appetite. 🍙🍲

Due to health issues and trying to avoid inflammation, these are all gluten-free items. We'll be preparing organic vegetables from scratch later. Organic apples were chopped and added to the baked oatmeal coconut batches as well as fresh blueberries for fruit. Omelettes get cooked later too. 💕

We've done various things for road trip meal preparations and sometimes it's a lot simpler. Our travel food for our large family sometimes includes a mixture of food we prepare ourselves as well as packaged items like hummus or buying food elsewhere to save on time.  🌯🍴