My Favorite Mother

May 2016 - Franicia at Friday's parade with Priscilla

May 2016 - Franicia at Friday's parade with Priscilla

Being a mother must be awesome. The power that mothers have to affect change in society really is huge! The saying that, "the hand that rocks the cradle rules the world" pretty accurately describes the power that mothers have (although God is sovereign and is the One that truly rules the world). 

One woman stands out as my all-time favorite mother, though. Can you guess who that might be? She's the sweetest, most loving, kindest, smartest person that I've ever known, and I'm so extremely blessed to be her husband and the father of her children. Her name is Franicia White, and it is my prayer that I will be the husband that she always wished for and dreamed of and that I'll be the best possible earthly father for our children. 

Franicia, thank you for being my wife and for being such a wonderful mother! I praise the Lord for your love for and commitment to follow Jesus Christ. I praise the Lord for your love and care for our children. I praise the Lord for your love for me. I love you!

To every mother out there: thank you for what you do. I am so thankful for the many faithful mothers past, present, and future. Words could not accurately express how important your role is. Don't ever believe the lies that are so prevalent -- that being a mother isn't important or significant. I believe that Franicia's role as a mother to our precious children is more important and often more challenging than the jobs that I have held including being a commanding officer of a Navy unit.

Your loving and nurturing your children is no small thing. May the Creator of the universe bless you today and every day with wisdom and grace to love your children well.