An Awesome Father and Man of God



I could write a book thanking you for being the wonderful and godly daddy you are to our precious children! You’re inspirational, motivating, encouraging, firm, funny, strong, loving, tender, courageous, disciplined, relaxed, and more adjectives I’d love to bless you with.

I love watching the way you tenderly nurture and care for our babies and guide our children, how you correct them in gentleness and not with anger or a spirit that provokes wrath, how you hold their little hands and walk with them and not at your own speed to help them, how you sweetly talk to them and listen to their sweet stories and their troubles, and how you compassionately love on them and help them with their sorrows or rejoice in their successes no matter how small!

Ever since we started getting to know each other better through our lengthy conversations before we began our courtship, I always knew you would be an amazing daddy by the way you spoke of your love for having a family looking forward to having children one day and overall just your love for all the things that God loves — and our children are one of those special facets to our wonderful Creator!

I have prayed often that our daughters would find a faithful, God-loving, tender-hearted, patient, well-rounded, hard-working, fun, generous, and nurturing man as you have been and that our sons will bless our future daughters-in-love with love that brings such great awe that only God can be given praise because it is beyond what our human brains and hearts understand —- something truly AWEsome and wonderful! Thank you so much, Love! I love you dearly! 😍💋🥰❤️💋