Happy 16th Birthday Heistheway

Oh, Heistheway! Happy 16th Birthday, dear daughter! We’ve showered you with blessings today — telling you how much and why we love you so much and reminiscing about many special memories including the days leading to your waterbirth at home. You’re a beautiful and amazing young woman with a heart whose love for God and others shines forth with compassion, grace, and beauty! You’ve made our lives richer in countless ways, and we’re thankful to the Lord that He chose us to be your parents and family. Thank you for being an awesome first-born and amazing person! We all love you so much! May you continue to glorify the Lord in all that you do — loving our great God with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength. Happy Birthday!

(Note: We asked Heistheway what photos were special to her throughout her life that she’d like for us to share in her birthday blog post. We will edit and add photos to our website to include slideshows of many of her favorite ones and possibly why she chose them over the coming days and perhaps weeks as we are in the middle of getting ready to move soon, Lord willing.)

This is an unedited phone photo I took of Pelaiah and Heistheway when we were done with a great day of church service and meat fellowship in Pensacola, Florida last weekend.