He is Risen and Another Chattanooga Terrorist Attack Reflection


Praise God He is risen! Yesterday, we were reflecting many things about prayer and worship after church service and evening family Bible and worship time. It was there we found out another new piece of what happened in Chattanooga on July 16 as Tim recalled a specific moment that day.

On that fateful morning, after Tim fired his gunshots, looked around to see if anyone was outside his office door (no one was around), could hear the terrorist firing his rifle at them (so loud it seemed like the terrorist was inside the building), he found himself standing at his desk looking at his window. Knowing it was a gun-free zone and no one was probably armed sufficiently to engage the terrorist who had a loaded vest on and one Tim said that looked as if the terrorist could detonate himself with, Tim thought about the best choice after all of that.

He thought that getting help at that point would be wise, but he wasn’t sure if he should or if he was going to make it out alive. He’s shared with us before that our family’s faces —- me with our children —- flashed before his eyes as the rifle’s piercing sounds filled the air.

The song “I Can Only Imagine” quickly played through my husband’s mind and he wondered if that would be the day he would meet his Saviour. He was sad to have to be taken away from us, but glad that he would meet his Maker and knew that God would take good care of us.

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