Happy Engagement Anniversary

Tim and me the night before our engagement in Saipan.  

Tim and me the night before our engagement in Saipan.  

Fourteen years ago Tim flew to my little island and proposed to me on the sands of Saipan.

We were on the beach of Pacific Islands Club going through more pages of our courtship and marriage workbook. We were waiting to be seated but they managed to forget about us. It was okay!

Tim's leave papers fell out of his workbook and blew in the wind toward the ocean! He went to go find them. The second time he went back I had no clue what he was up to. He came back and said he wanted to show me something, knelt down and took off my sandals I had on for work that day.

I closed my eyes as instructed and I was preparing myself to see a cute dog or something by the ocean that he thought was sweet because he's such a gentle and amazing man.

He asked me to open my eyes. "Will you marry me?" was written on the sand with the ring box on the bottom of the question mark. I was overwhelmed seeing him down on one knee asking to spend forever with me.

I hugged him as I cried and said, "Yes!" It's a day I'll always treasure.

Happy Engagement Anniversary Sweetheart! I love you! ❤️ 

Question: We'd love to hear your special engagement story! What makes your story special to you?