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We're Tim and Franicia. We love the Lord and strive to please Him in all that we do. Our mission is to encourage others to do the same. We also love delicious, wholesome food, and enjoy life together as a family. Here you'll find encouragement and tools to help you on your journey to a healthy, wholesome life.

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Unconditional Love: No Matter What

Do you have anyone in your life that you wish you could be more like? I sure do. There’s one particular person in my life that is so incredibly sweet and loving. They’re actually the sweetest, most-loving person I have ever known or even heard of.

Franicia's Favorite Hair Cream and Kidney, Gallbladder, and Liver Cleanse Drops

I love Franicia’s hair! I better — I’m her husband after all! Her hair is very thick and curly. She tells me that, if she did not take great care of her hair, though, her hair would be very frizzy and bushy. So many ladies with hair similar to Franicia’s love to touch and smell Franicia’s hair and ask her what she puts in her hair.

Happy 15th Birthday, Heistheway

Usually when your oldest child, especially one who happens to be the first grandchild on both sides of the family, experiences something monumental in big ways ways and small its amazement has far-reaching effects. Is our baby girl really a young woman about to learn how to drive and experience so much more?

Happy 5th Birthday, Shiloh

It’s a fun birthday week with two birthdays so close together in our family! Shiloh had some cute birthday requests that made her so giddy when she saw them.

Such a Loving Father — A Beautiful Sight

Tim and I are so thankful for the many loving daddies in our lives -- especially our own fathers. The impact they’ve had in our lives and the lives of our children is truly immense and we are so grateful for it!

Enjoy Special Moments

Have you ever done something because other people expected you to do it rather than because you believed it was right or because it was something you wanted to do? Sometimes, we all do things because we think that it’s what others expect of us. That’s not always a bad thing, but, in some cases, it could be a bad thing. On our wedding day, doing what I thought people expected of me would’ve kept me from sharing a sweet memory with my precious bride, Franicia.

Enjoying Sunshine Again

I wanted to be able to add more pictures from some moments outside that I took pictures last week. Since I had a rough first trimester, I wasn't able to be outside with the children hardly at all. They were so excited to share so many things with me!

Phenomenal Improvement and Weight Gain After First Trimester was Over

Praise God that I’m phenomenally better. 😊🎉🙏

After losing a lot of weight due to being nauseated (thankful no throwing up) and not being able to eat much for a good part of my first trimester, I’m so happy to see that my body has improved since reaching week fourteen or somewhere along there. 😀 I’ve gained twelve pounds in just a few weeks which says a lot since I dipped into the 80’s.

He is Risen and Another Chattanooga Terrorist Attack Reflection

Praise God He is risen! Yesterday, we were reflecting many things about prayer and worship after church service and evening family Bible and worship time. It was there we found out another new piece of what happened in Chattanooga on July 16 as Tim recalled a specific moment that day.

Happy 13th Birthday, Pelaiah

We can’t believe our sweet Pelaiah girl is thirteen! Her birth on Guam was a special one with her Grandma Anicia helping and present while her daddy was days away from returning temporarily from a deployment. She wanted to go on an early morning bike ride with her daddy.

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