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We're Tim and Franicia. We love the Lord and strive to please Him in all that we do. Our mission is to encourage others to do the same. We also love delicious, wholesome food, and enjoy life together as a family. Here you'll find encouragement and tools to help you on your journey to a healthy, wholesome life.

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I love watching the way you tenderly nurture and care for our babies and guide our children, how you correct them in gentleness and not with anger or a spirit that provokes wrath...

Happy Father’s Day Daddy

Happy Father’s Day to the best dad my siblings and I could ask for! ❤️

Thank you for bringing us up in the Word of God and guarding our hearts! Thank you for being humble enough to admit your mistakes and asking for forgiveness, for working on being a better daddy all the time...

Moving to Our 13th Home in 17 Years

We had planned on making a short and quick announcement last week about our move, but got surprised with three days of our water shutting off due to little maintenance repairs service guys showed up to work on. We’re so thankful most of those repairs are done, but ...

17 Years - A Marriage Prayer

17 years sounds like a long time. Tragically, the average length of marriages in the US is only 8.2 years according to census data. Woohoo! We have more than doubled the national average! (That’s actually sad to write — I wish that we were up to only ⅓ of the nation average. How wonderful would that be? May the Lord grant repentance and healing in our nation and society that marriages would be sacred and long-lasting!)

Announcing Our New Content Creator & Manager

Announcing our new Content Creator and Manager — our extraordinary daughter, Heistheway! She’s a Christ Follower, Extraordinary Daughter & Sister, Content Creator, Photographer, Graphic Designer, Product Development Assistant, Product Researcher, Illustrator, Videographer, AIP and Healthy Food Chef, Corinthian Warrior,Trainer Extraordinaire, and more.

For years, she’s honed her skills in our home, homeschool, and especially with our brands. We’ve prayed for…

Unconditional Love: No Matter What

Do you have anyone in your life that you wish you could be more like? I sure do. There’s one particular person in my life that is so incredibly sweet and loving. They’re actually the sweetest, most-loving person I have ever known or even heard of.

Franicia's Favorite Hair Cream and Kidney, Gallbladder, and Liver Cleanse Drops

I love Franicia’s hair! I better — I’m her husband after all! Her hair is very thick and curly. She tells me that, if she did not take great care of her hair, though, her hair would be very frizzy and bushy. So many ladies with hair similar to Franicia’s love to touch and smell Franicia’s hair and ask her what she puts in her hair.

Happy 15th Birthday, Heistheway

Usually when your oldest child, especially one who happens to be the first grandchild on both sides of the family, experiences something monumental in big ways ways and small its amazement has far-reaching effects. Is our baby girl really a young woman about to learn how to drive and experience so much more?

Happy 5th Birthday, Shiloh

It’s a fun birthday week with two birthdays so close together in our family! Shiloh had some cute birthday requests that made her so giddy when she saw them.

Such a Loving Father — A Beautiful Sight

Tim and I are so thankful for the many loving daddies in our lives -- especially our own fathers. The impact they’ve had in our lives and the lives of our children is truly immense and we are so grateful for it!

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