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God is Our Refuge: Thankful for Our Church

On this Lord’s Day I’ve been up nursing a feverish baby around four this morning. It is barely seven (when writing this) and singing the beautiful tune of Pastor Jeff Pollard’s song he made for the word-for-word verses in Psalms 46 have been a comfort for our family and helped put Gabriel to sleep.

Yesterday Priscilla asked Tim when we were going to put our stuff back in our house in Pensacola again. It’s her first move that she can barely understand, and it’s hitting her hard with tears. This is a painful thing and first-time realization our children, like many military children, have to go through at this very young age. Please pray for her. We may have to buy little gifts again to make moving fun like we did when we moved from overseas.

Trusting God During Our PCS Move and Change of Plans

The Lord is so good, and He knows what we need. Our schedule has changed a bit due to some unforeseen circumstances, but we’re trusting in Him.

We didn’t find out until it was really late on Thursday that we didn’t have enough room in our twenty-eight foot trailer and our U-Haul for all of our things. Praise God that the company we’re using had another trailer they could deliver yesterday evening, and, though pricey, was not as much as we feared it could be.

No Matter What, We Can Do All Things Through Christ

This. Our life might seem glamorous at times, but it’s hard. We’re looking forward to rest —- rest from packing, rest from setting up a new house, rest from the painful goodbyes. And this verse here — it’s just beautiful. Whether we’re worn out doing many things ourselves, healing from autoimmune issues, almost killed by a terrorist or dying of blood clots (twice), going into labor and naturally delivering an eighth sweet baby, in bed miscarrying at a friend’s home while on a trip, losing a dear mother to breast cancer, getting denied housing due to the number of children we have, or many other trials we face along the way in this journey of life, we cling to Him.

Happy 16th Birthday Heistheway

Oh, Heistheway! Happy 16th Birthday, dear daughter! We’ve showered you with blessings today — telling you how much and why we love you so much and reminiscing about many special memories including the days leading to your waterbirth at home. You’re a beautiful and amazing young woman with a heart whose love for God and others shines forth with compassion, grace, and beauty! You’ve made our lives richer in countless ways, and we’re thankful to the Lord that He chose us to be your parents and family.

Happy Birthday, Sweet Shiloh!

Our bright and cheerful Shiloh is so full of joy and is celebrating her 6th birthday today!

We remember. 🙏

On Facebook I shared a private July 16 memory and said, “It’s been an emotional day for us for various reasons, thinking of Mom’s death a year before this and then this day at Tim’s work at NOSC Chattanooga as CO that has changed so many people’s lives in Chattanooga forever.

Studying Words Using the Bible and Noah Webster’s 1828 Dictionary

How rich words are! This is one way we study the Bible using Noah Webster’s 1828 Dictionary.

Happy 8th Birthday Dear Sweet Daniel

Has it really been eight years since our last Guam baby was born at Sagua Managu birthing center? Daniel was born a few minutes into July 1st on Guam. We still laugh thinking that, when his stateside grandparents announced his birth, their church friends thought that they had the wrong date since it was still June 30th in the East Coast! Guam and the CNMI (Saipan, Tinian, and Rota) are known as the place where “America’s Day Begins.”

Hosting 100+ for Fellowship after Church

One invitation became about 100+ people from our church and some out-of-town guests.

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