Exciting Delivery from LivingWaters.com Makes It's Voyage to Guam

We've enjoyed buying and sharing Gospel tracts from Living Waters for a few years now but have never bought this many before.

The Lord opened up more opportunities for us to get the Gospel message out during this time and we are excited about the possibilities!

May lost souls be reached and true conversion take place.

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Happy Thanksgiving

Test "O give thanks unto the LORD;  call upon his name:  make known his deeds among the people." -Psalm 105:1

"Let us come before his presence with thanksgiving, and make a joyful noise unto him with psalms." -Psalm 95:2

Friday Here and Thursday There

While everyone is still celebrating Thanksgiving in the U.S.mainland (aka "the states"), we here on Guam are reminiscing yesterday's special Thursday.

It was beautiful and tropical, sunny and full of life.  We were blessed to have each other and most of all to have the blessings of our wonderful Creator.  We loved spending those special moments together as a family and continuously seeing God's hand in our lives, even on that one day.

Our Plans or His Plans

We kept a lot of things a secret for what we would like to try to attempt to do on Thursday. With five young children (one being an infant) our plans can quickly change due to many circumstances. We're adaptable and flexible and it's all part of the fun.

It is because of those reasons that you'll often hear us say on a daily basis "Lord willing." We cannot make promises but will do our best. We'd like to play outside but it may rain. And rain it does on Guam especially at this time of the year!


So we told the children we wanted to try to take another family photo again using our tripod and digital camera. That didn't quite work out as you'll find out later. We also told them that we may go somewhere for lunch. We had made reservations a few days ago for a free complimentary meal at the USO.

We thought that it would be something special for the children especially since all of us are far away from our extended family members. We also wanted to be a blessing to those around us, especially the single service members. That plan didn't come into it's full completion either but we did make it --- sort of. :-) I'll explain more of that soon.

Do You Know God?

If the Lord brought you here, He did it for a reason. Is your life right with God? Do you continue in your sins? We're not asking if you're a good person or if you go to church. Are you truly converted? If not, please make time today (even right now) to visit NeedGod.com

Is That a Safe Car?

Is That a Fast Car?

While I was cleaning Noah came into the kitchen with one of his Hot Wheels cars. I asked him, “Noah, is that a fast car?!”

Noah said, “Yes, it’s a FAST car!”

Was That Wise?

After I said that, I thought, why am I encouraging my little boy to love fast cars? When I was growing up, I liked fast cars, but soon realized that safe cars were much more desirable after I witnessed some terrible accidents as a result of recklessly driving “fast” cars.

It seemed much wiser to encourage my little boy to value safe cars rather than the vanity of a fast car. I then said, “Noah, is that a SAFE car?” I made sure he saw and heard my excitement.

Is That a Safe Car?

He then started running around the kitchen and dining room area with his car exclaiming, “It’s a SAFE car! It’s a SAFE car!”

Be Courageous

It's absolutely imperative that fathers teach their children correct values and forsake the vanity that our society teaches. I encourage you, fathers, to be courageous enough to really think about what you teach your children even through the seemingly insignificant moments.

An Isaac Watts CD Production with the Myers Family from Creation2Christ

I'll Praise My Maker While I've Breath - Isaac Watts (Creation2Christ CD Making) from Tim White on Vimeo.

The Lord brought the Myers family into our lives in an amazing way. Though we had no filming or audio recording experience we offered to help them share their beautiful Christ-honoring work.

Since then, we’ve helped them film a Creation Camp Days DVD, a character-based cd, as well as a cd of Isaac Watts hymns that leads from Jesus birth to His death.

May God get all the praise and glory! Tim and Franicia White