Our Favorite Resources

Have you ever found something that you don't know how you lived without it before? We certainly have! The resources that we're sharing with you have passed the test of time in our busy, often-moving, creative family. We've moved so much and so often that we really can't afford to keep something if it isn't really helpful.

If there's a category that you're not seeing and would like for us to include, then please drop us a line.


Marriage & Family

We believe that there is no book that is perfect but the Bible. Because of requests, we have put together the following book and reading list. These resources have blessed us immensely!

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Clothing and Personal Care

We've had a hard time finding modest clothing for the ladies in our family that still look attractive. It does take some work 

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These are some of the tools and services that we use both for just regular family life as well as for our family businesses and brands. Included are our recommended devices, services, apps, and kitchen tools.

Below are links to and discussion about our favorite devicesservicesapps, and kitchen tools.

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We homeschool our children, so our resources here will be mostly geared towards homeschooling, but they can also be helpful for you if you'd like to supplement your child's education in public or private school. We even use some of the resources (Khan Academy) ourselves! We never want to stop learning!