Announcing Our New Content Creator & Manager

Announcing Our New Content Creator & Manager

Announcing our new Content Creator and Manager — our extraordinary daughter, Heistheway! She’s a Christ Follower, Extraordinary Daughter & Sister, Content Creator, Photographer, Graphic Designer, Product Development Assistant, Product Researcher, Illustrator, Videographer, AIP and Healthy Food Chef, Corinthian Warrior,Trainer Extraordinaire, and more.

For years, she’s honed her skills in our home, homeschool, and especially with our brands. We’ve prayed for…

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Sneak Peek Magazine Article for "Exercise Can Be Simple, Easy, and Fun"

Sneak Peek Magazine Article for "Exercise Can Be Simple, Easy, and Fun"

...I not only went through another and much longer “boot camp” phase but did various obstacle courses, swam, boxed, wrestled, ran in boots with a rifle in tow, trained with Navy SEALs because my run times weren't fast enough, or endured the dreaded “Swim PEP,” an alternative to the regular physical fitness program conducted in a pool, with the SEALs because I had various injuries.

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Instagram and Twitter

Instagram Account of Tim & Franicia
Instagram Account of Tim & Franicia

View More Photos and Videos of Our Family

We place photo albums on our website but include a lot of current and past photos and video clips through our Instagram accounts. Our main Instagram account is @timandfranicia

Our alternate Instagram is @largefamilytravel

If we found out about your Instagram account after December 2013 we most likely were not able to follow it. We've been blocked from following or commenting since then.  We write to Instagram occasionally through their Comment Pop-Up Box which shows up when we try to do those things.

In the meantime, we use our @largefamilytravel account for commenting when necessary and following private and other accounts that are not on our main account. We have no idea why it happened to us but we've been able to get a lot more personal communication with others by email on our Contact Form and in person despite this.

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If you don't have the app on your phone you can still see our photos and videos by visiting this link:

Instagram Account of Wholesome Clothing by Tim & Franicia White ThredUP modest selection
Instagram Account of Wholesome Clothing by Tim & Franicia White ThredUP modest selection

We also just opened one for Wholesome Clothing @wholesomeclothing which can be found at

Twitter Account of Tim and Franicia White -Screen Shot 2014-07-08
Twitter Account of Tim and Franicia White -Screen Shot 2014-07-08


We are fairly new to Twitter and sometimes will post helpful business tool links, promo codes, Scripture verses, or include some extra pictures.

Our Twitter account is pretty easy to remember: @timandfranicia

We have been able to use these avenues as a way to quickly share a little glimpse of the Lord's working in our lives as well as help us as we produce children's books, non-fiction books, and health and herbal items.

We've been so blessed by the emails and other comments and messages of people telling us they were greatly motivated to know God on a deeper level because of what little they see through our lives on Instagram. Some have even been motivated to find a good like-minded church. Praise the Lord!

How about you? Have you been able to witness to others or make a positive impact on Instagram or Twitter?

Michelle Duggar Greets Saipan with Franicia


[vimeo id="99304611" height="320" width="574" marginbottom="15"] Tim and I (Franicia) and our children were visiting our dear friends the Duggars of TLC's 19 Kids and Counting this June 2014 in Arkansas.

We asked Michelle if she could say a greeting for the wonderful people of Saipan! She was so happy to do it!

Visit for great resouces and information. Purchase their helpful books on their website,, or Amazon.

For more helpful resources and information sign up for updates and exclusive information at:


Update: To see the Marianas Variety newspaper article by Raquel Bagnol this video was featured on, go here.

Reformation of Food and Family Conference Trip - Part 1

Before Michelle Duggar spoke at the Gonzalez Convention Center, four of her sweet daughters got up to sing a sweet song of Jesus and being saved by the blood of the Lamb!

On the video notes on Vimeo, we placed the following explanation:

For years we had always wanted to go to one of Vision Forum's conferences including the Baby Conference and their San Antonio Independent Film Festival. Due to lack of funds or living overseas we haven't been able to until recently. What a blessing it was for our family to attend their wonderful Reformation of Food and Family Conference!

May this video be a blessing to all who hear it and give praise to our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ!

-Tim and Franicia White and children

(Heistheway, Pelaiah, Abraham, Noah and Daniel)