We self-publish our books through our company Wholesome Press. We've published many children's books as well as an adult coloring book. Wholesome Press is set to release more new books in the coming months and year as projects get completed in God's timing. Our lives have been busy with normal family life, homeschooling, various events we attend as a family, book creation and marketing, so we are not always able to update our book information as much as we'd like.

You can view all our books and purchase them on Amazon (via Prime), Barnes and Noble (online), and Booksamillion (online). Amazon has the updated list of our books. We have a variation of hardcover, softcover, and Kindle books. 

If you're interested in buying books in bulk of five or more copies, we can give you a bulk discount. Just write to us here or at Wholesome Press for a price quote. Send us an address along with the number of books you're interested in purchasing.

List of Books We've Written and Published

You can also visit our publishing company's website at: www.WholesomePress.com

I Know You Love Me, Mommy and Daddy

One of the beautiful images hand-painted by Debbie Hostetler

One of the beautiful images hand-painted by Debbie Hostetler

“I Know You Love Me Mommy & Daddy is a delightful children’s book that reinforces God’s unconditional love that parents are to share with their children.”

-Michelle Duggar

(2 Cor. 12:9)

Mother of TLC’s 19 Kids & Counting

This lovely children's book is set to be released in physical and electronic form this spring. The book shares the tenderness of the loving relationship between parents and their children.  It is a rhyming children's book similar to The Blessings of Visiting Grandma and Grandpa.

The Blessings of Visiting Grandma and Grandpa

The family is off for an exciting trip to visit Grandma and Grandpa again. While Mom and Dad prepare to share new and exciting stories, the children reminisce memories of reading with their grandparents or their Grandma’s delicious food. The day is filled with kisses and hugs as well as story time while thanking the Lord for all those wonderful blessings.

Kindle Book

Currently, this children's book is released as a Kindle book.  You may purchase it on Amazon by clicking here.

Clusters and Medallions: A Calming and Stress-Relieving Coloring Book

The Clusters and Medallions adult coloring book by Franicia

The Clusters and Medallions adult coloring book by Franicia

Relax and enjoy filling in this array of 36 various images with beautiful colors and shades. Whether it’s something simple, symmetrical, or full of detail, this adult coloring book satisfies those needs. Color it. Frame it. Or give it away as a gift to those you love who you know could use some time away to de-stress and breathe while having something enjoyable to do.

I'm Up, Up, Up

I'm Up, Up, Up by Franicia

I'm Up, Up, Up by Franicia

Franicia shares this fun rhyming book filled with cheerful illustrations to encourage children to be joyful and diligent. Over the years, many people have been amazed that her children have looked forward to helping with various tasks in the house that even some adults try to avoid. In this book, she shows a small glimpse of how enjoyable work can be if you look at the world with thankful eyes and a spirit of service to others - especially those closest to you, your family.