Announcing Our New Content Creator & Manager

Announcing Our New Content Creator & Manager

Announcing our new Content Creator and Manager — our extraordinary daughter, Heistheway! She’s a Christ Follower, Extraordinary Daughter & Sister, Content Creator, Photographer, Graphic Designer, Product Development Assistant, Product Researcher, Illustrator, Videographer, AIP and Healthy Food Chef, Corinthian Warrior,Trainer Extraordinaire, and more.

For years, she’s honed her skills in our home, homeschool, and especially with our brands. We’ve prayed for…

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Good Morning Song: Memories of Late Mother Anicia

Mom in Saipan used to sing this to us as little children at times. I miss her.

The past couple of months I've been greeting our children this way before we start our day and when I'm out of my room. If Tim and I are up early we'll greet our children together.

I still get my snuggles and kisses in bed when the early ones come to me in the morning, but this is something I can tell they really enjoy hearing every day even in the midst of challenging times.

Song Lyrics Added by Request

Good morning! Good morning! 
Good morning! How are you?
Good morning! Good morning!
I'm fine. Thank you!
(repeat twice)