Biblical Meal and Tour at Explorations in Antiquity Center in La Grange, Georgia

This past June we had the privilege of visiting a sweet museum in Georgia that depicted what Jesus' life may have been like, the meals that were eaten, as well as the dynamics of the culture. It is a trip we highly recommend! Their mission statement is:

“Our mission at the Explorations in Antiquity Center is to help people experience the ancient Biblical world, its history and culture.”

When we were still living on Guam Tim and I tried to come up with some possible activities we could do as a family while we were visiting our relatives in Georgia.  We were getting ready to move back to live in the states again.  It would be a great time to spend with our family there!

We knew the boys loved to see trains and a train museum was a possible site!  There was one place in particular that Tim found that would teach us as a family about history.  It was a type of Biblical museum located in La Grange, Georgia.

Right around the same time our parents in Georgia were sending their suggestions of places to visit.  Mom had suggested the same Biblical museum too!  What a great sign!

So after we flew from Guam to Georgia in June, we made a trip to the Explorations in Antiquity Center a few days or so later.  What a worthwhile and educational trip!

The Package

With our tour package we were able to eat a 1st century-style Biblical meal along with getting a delightful tour of the property.

When there’s enough people in a group, then you can all go on the “tour” together.  You need to plan this ahead of time, possibly two weeks or so.  They do that in order that the chef knows how many people to buy food and prepare meals for that day.

The Meal

Mom specially requested that we have our meal before the walking tour.  What a great idea that was especially with having little children!

In fact, it was such a great way to experience everything that our tour guide said that he much preferred it that way as well!   He said that it allowed us to be able to eat and get to almost know each other more.  Then we were satisfied and relaxed before walking around during our tour.

To be continued...