Fresh Organic Mini-Loaves

These loaves were such an answer to prayer. I was desiring a rich and melting center in my mini-loaves that were soft and spongy, moist, with a good crumb.

What I like about making bread this way is that you have a lot of crust to eat as opposed to sandwich-type of loaves. It makes it great for quick bites with some yummy organic butter or fresh good quality butter.

We have a lot of photos from days of baking using various organic grains such as hard red winter wheat, spelt, and barley. I also took some short video clips to remember the process.

I liked the recipe so much that I experimented with it and used it for pizza dough. It worked out really well! Since it was so easy to put together I decided that it was a good recipe to use for the cooking show that may air this April.