Interview with Debbie Hostetler


Our good friend, Matthew Sample II, recently interviewed Debbie Hostetler, the precious woman that illustrated my book I Know You Love Me Mommy and Daddy. The interview is below.

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Matthew: Hi, Debbie! I love the new book that you illustrated for the White family! I understand this is your first book. Well done. What have you done prior to this?

Debbie: Thank you. I have not done much prior to this, actually. As you said, this was my first time illustrating a book. I took many art classes in high school (so many my art teacher told me she was going to start charging me rent for being in the art room so often), and I majored in art for the first two years of my college career.

Matthew: Very interesting! It really shows that you’ve had a lot of practice at painting -- the artwork is beautiful. I love the beautiful watercolors! Is watercolor your medium of preference?

Debbie: I love different aspects of different media. I would say the only thing so far that I haven't liked is acrylic because it dries too fast for the speed I usually paint. I love the ethereal effect that watercolor has. I also love that it's so easy to take with you wherever you're going.

Matthew: I agree -- watercolor paintings have a subtleness that really fits this story. You painted the families with such tenderness and care. How did you choose what to paint?

Debbie: Well, Franicia told me what she wanted, and I tried to find pictures that fit the ideas she described.

Matthew: You both did a great job choosing images that fit. I understand that you painted part of the project while living in Mongolia. What is your work like there?

Debbie: I guess you could say it's a lot like working in the States, except that people speak a different language and have a different culture.

Matthew: Interesting. I’m sure the Mongolian culture is very interesting. Finally, what should we pray for when we think of you?

Debbie: You could always pray that I will be a hearer and a doer wherever God puts me, and glorify Him with whatever task He has me doing.

Matthew: Amen. Thank you so much for your time!