Wholesome Place -- Our Re-branded Website


I have regrettably posted most of our content -- family videos, stories, and highlights -- on our @timandfranicia Instagram account over the last few years. I'm glad I have them posted but wish I would have taken the extra time to put them on our website as well.


While I'm glad I have some items posted there for memory (and shared to various online platforms) and to help others too, it has been a challenge to answer questions and respond in a timely manner because I was confined to what I could type on my mobile phone. By utilizing our websites more and re-posting old favorite and helpful information, it would make it easier for us -- especially me -- to be more efficient with my time: it's one reason we started building and using websites in the first place. 😊


We're making TimandFranicia.com to be a primarily personal family website as originally intended. Over the years people have asked us to share certain posts that we didn't feel comfortable bombarding people with here.


Wholesome Place is our re-branded website which has been in the making for many years and newly launched a year ago.  🎉 It is more light-hearted there and a place to find products we recommend as well as reviews.  


We look forward to seeing you there soon! In the meantime, we may reference and link to some of our content there as well. I hope you have a lovely day. 😊🌸