Enjoy Special Moments


Have you ever done something because other people expected you to do it rather than because you believed it was right or because it was something you wanted to do? Sometimes, we all do things because we think that it’s what others expect of us. That’s not always a bad thing, but, in some cases, it could be a bad thing. On our wedding day, doing what I thought people expected of me would’ve kept me from sharing a sweet memory with my precious bride, Franicia.

16 Years Ago Seems Like Yesterday

I can remember June 1st, 2002 like it was yesterday. It was 16 years ago, though! I remember so well turning 16, and now we’ve been married for 16 years! One of my favorite memories of that day, though, being with my soon-to-be wife in the morning while she was getting her hair done for our wedding ceremony.

Sharing A Special Moment Before Our Wedding

I know, a lot of couples will wait to see each other on their wedding day until the bride walks down the aisle. It’s not bad to wait -- I can understand building up the anticipation and making that walk down the aisle that much more special. We didn’t think about that much on our wedding day. Both of our families had a lot to do in order to get ready for the wedding, so my taking Franicia to the hairdresser made sense to us. 

I’m so glad too that I am able to share this memory with Franicia. This was the first time I met Franicia’s good friend, Juany. I enjoyed hearing Franicia and Juany talk about the last few months and the plans that we had made for our new life together. Franicia was so calm and so sweet throughout her hair appointment. I was starting to get nervous -- not about the choice to join in marriage. I was just nervous about doing something embarrassing like tripping and falling, messing up our kiss, or something silly like that. Franicia was as calm as could be. She was (and still is) so beautiful, so radiant, and so delightful. 

I learned some things from our special day. One thing that I learned was to worry less about pleasing everybody. It’s impossible to please everyone. I want rather to please God and make the most of each moment that he gives me. Time is our most precious commodity, and I don’t want to spend my life trying to please people that I won’t be able to please anyway. 

Make the Most of Your Special Moments

I encourage you to make the most of every moment. Don’t let the opinion that you think others may have of you cause you to miss the opportunity to make special memories with the special people in your life. Life is too short!

Happy anniversary, My Sweetie. I love you!