Trusting God During Our PCS Move and Change of Plans

The Lord is so good, and He knows what we need. Our schedule has changed a bit due to some unforeseen circumstances, but we’re trusting in Him. 

We didn’t find out until it was really late on Thursday that we didn’t have enough room in our twenty-eight foot trailer and our U-Haul for all of our things. Praise God that the company we’re using had another trailer they could deliver yesterday evening, and, though pricey, was not as much as we feared it could be. 

This means that we won’t have to put some things in storage here in Pensacola and have some friends ship items to us later including some precious heavy cargo that couldn’t fit in the first trailer. Base Housing can only perform final checkouts on weekdays, which means the earliest we can leave for good is Monday now, and that is our new plan.

We’ve had church friends, neighbors, one of Tim’s military gym buddies and a co-worker, and former church friends help out with meals, gift cards, cleaning and packing, and whatever little else is left. Our sweet parents are also helping us in a big way driving our second vehicle to our new home and had even offered to drive our things to El Paso if needed and if Tim wasn’t able to do it. We found a company, though, who could supply the trailer and drive which works out great for us.

We’ve been either sleeping around three or four in the morning or waking up then to begin our day. This unexpected extension is a blessing. We got a very brief but much-needed nap in yesterday before it got extremely busy again. We’re able to catch up on sleep at night now which we need as my immune system started feeling the effects of our busy schedule yesterday. Some other things started happening to my body that is a sign that I need to stay in bed and rest and avoid getting severe back pain from prior military injuries many years ago. One of my ribs or something was out the other week, and I was in so much pain that foam rolling, arnica oil pain relieving massages, and other things were all needed to ease my pain. That kind of severe back pain hasn’t happened in a long time to me. Our chiropractor, Dr. Angela Jarvis, who does home visits was out of town. I was in too much pain to go in our van to go see another one. I could barely breathe. So, Heistheway massaged me on and off for many hours that day. I’m trying to avoid that kind of day or even triggering another bout of mastitis (which I haven’t had, praise God, in a long time now from my chronic issues before) again. I don’t want to go backwards with my health.

Since we have help from our church today with our move and our children have been troopers and eager to do so much with our packing and loading too as well as this bit of extra time as well as extra large moving trailer, we can all rest more. Tim is getting more sleep again and so is the rest of our family. Another hidden blessing (if you can see it that way) is that we got a surprise when housing sent an email on Friday that we couldn’t have any trash outside of our trash cans they’ve provided, and we’d have to dispose of the extras ourselves. We wouldn’t have been able to do our checkout before closing time on Friday even if our stuff fit in one big trailer because we have our other immediate goods we would need to take care of too on top of cooking food and nursing baby Gabriel.

As an added bonus and blessings from God, all the friends at three separate locations and states said that our shift and their sleeping accommodations that they were offering us (and meals!) were still available. They are all so sweet, extremely patient, and loving about everything — and flexible! Families and friends like all we mentioned here really help make military life easier when things get really tough. I don’t know that we would have stayed in this long in the military if it wasn’t for all the love, prayers, help, and support we’ve had all these years along with God’s guiding hand and help. To all of you who have helped and prayed for us, thank you all so much again! We love you, and thank you for praying for us and assisting in any way no matter how small! 

Lord, bless these wonderful people, and may you get all the honor and glory. Amen.