Unexpected Blessings

The kind lady's "Apple pie" 

The kind lady's "Apple pie" 

We've been feeling pretty encouraged and blessed lately. Like everyone else, we have our fair share of trials. Recently, we've been dealing with financial issues where we weren't and still aren't being paid a vast sum of money -- in the thousands already.

This has made for pretty stressful times in my otherwise peaceful days. The stress started affecting my health as well on top of my already challenging pregnancy.

I dug deeper into God's Word looking for peace and comfort. Tim and I both prayed so much and comforted each other with God's promises. Letting all the worry go was so beneficial even during one of our more difficult and confusing times. Despite it all, God gave us His great peace that He gives.


I felt as if I gave it all to God. For the past couple of months, we'd find out before each paycheck that our pay would still be without our housing allowance, and Tim would tell me that we should still not worry. We only told our parents and perhaps a couple of trusted friends. We didn't want to burden anyone with our financial issues. God can provide our every need. Mainly we needed prayer.

One of my requests each morning when it seems like stress or worry could creep into my day is to ask God to bring encouragement. Today was one of those days.

I left it in God's hands, dwelling in the "peace that surpasseth all understanding."

Early this morning, Tim took some of our children to get some local vegetables and fruit at the farmer's market. There's a sweet lady there who likes to give our family treats. We also support her business when we can. 


Today she said, "Come and see me before you leave." When it came time to leave, Tim and the boys went to her stand. 

When they walked up, she smiled and lifted up a platter with a beautiful, homemade apple pie and said, "I made this for your family!" Not only did she bless us with her "apple pie" from her motherland but also gave us raw goat's milk and cheese she made this morning! She also refused to be paid for her gifts. 

These surprises in our day were a reminder that God loves us. He hears us. Even when we're experiencing trials, He, in His all-wise providence, works them for our good.