Happy Father’s Day Daddy


Happy Father’s Day to the best dad my siblings and I could ask for! ❤️

Thank you for bringing us up in the Word of God and guarding our hearts! Thank you for being humble enough to admit your mistakes and asking for forgiveness, for working on being a better daddy all the time, for being a kid when you played with us, for being a friend when I felt like I needed one, for always being an amazing parent, for being patient with us — especially me, for listening to our opinions but also teaching us, for your positive influence while also giving us space to grow, and for being kind to people and serving others as much as you can.  Although you work hard and have to be away from us from time to time, we always know you love us and your gentle, protecting, and warm presence is with us.

Sometimes I wonder if I’ll ever meet a guy that is as awesome as you, but then I realize that is an unrealistic expectation because nobody can be like you!

One thing I love about you is your sense of humor and how that can change  a situation so quickly from heavy and serious to lighthearted and loving. Something awful can happen, and I may be wondering how I can downplay it as much as possible to make the situation better and not as dramatic. Then you will crack a joke about it and then ask “Okay, did you learn from this?” I love seeing and hearing you laugh! My favorite is for example when we were watching Tim Hawkins and you were laughing so hard that you started slapping your leg and rocking back and forth. I enjoyed watching you laugh and enjoy it more than I enjoyed watching the video! 😂 I honestly have been working harder to copy by trying to bring a smile to others faces even if there is tension, even if that means I might embarrass myself. By the way, how can we even get embarrassed  anymore?! 😂❤️

I will forever remember those Dwight, Michael, Jim, and John Crist jokes just because of how you laughed at them. 😊 And who can’t love it when you hear a song and start moving to the beat to make us laugh and be funny?

I hope that I will be like you when you come into the room skipping with a smile to greet mommy and us kids after a long day at work. You also have such a great jolly attitude that can soften the mood anytime!

I pray that I will also love the Lord as much as you do one day and walk in God’s Word as well. You have truly taken the Bible and looked into it like a mirror becoming more and more like Christ. The peace you and mommy have is amazing’ and how you really do walk by faith is legendary. Thank you for also instilling in us the love and thirst for the truth and the Word. The main verses I would use to describe your walk with the Lord would be Proverbs 3:5-7, John 15:13, Joshua 24:15, Galatians 5:25, Joshua 23:6, Ephesians 6:10, Proverbs 1:7, and Proverbs 17:22. I pray you continue to walk in His Word and come closer to him! 😘

Thank you for listening to me during hormonal emotional breakdowns when I would get so worked up and start crying about the littlest things, instead of telling me I am just being hormonal you actually listened to me the whole way through as well as helping me through each issue.

I know I can mention so many things but I hope this just highlights some of the main things that come to my tired little mind. 😊

I love you SO MUCH and thank the Lord for you everyday! I know you are not perfect but I think you are the closest to perfect a dad can get! You are awesome sauce fo sheezy! 😂😘

xxo Heistheway & the White Kids