Phenomenal Improvement and Weight Gain After First Trimester was Over


Praise God that I’m phenomenally better. 😊🎉🙏

After losing a lot of weight due to being nauseated (thankful no throwing up) and not being able to eat much for a good part of my first trimester, I’m so happy to see that my body has improved since reaching week fourteen or somewhere along there. 😀 I’ve gained twelve pounds in just a few weeks which says a lot since I dipped into the 80’s.

I’m eating a lot again and am enjoying many foods I couldn’t tolerate before and am drinking more water than I can even imagine keeping track of. I could barely sip tablespoons of filtered water (our favorite drink) when the nausea hit. Even when I was feeling poorly, one of my midwives said that in my blood work just my Vitamin D3 levels needed improvement (like most people), but everything else was high and great.

When people expressed concern, I thanked them and told them it was rough and painful to go through, but to watch and see when my nausea goes away at the end of the first trimester and my appetite kicks in. I just do so much better. I’m still regaining strength and trying not to push myself.

I’ve come a long way from where I used to be energy-wise in the pregnancy due to not eating much food and am rebuilding strength and getting the things I need like proper nourishment, focusing on helpful things for our family while preparing for the baby, and getting plenty of rest as much as possible. I learned more things too that helped me to stay hydrated and be able to eat even when it was rough. Some things were always changing. Thank you for your prayers and do keep praying. 🙏❤️