Sharing Gospel Tracts - The Loved Illusion Cards from Living Waters

It's Him!

As we were driving back home from our Thanksgiving (story here and here) celebration, we spotted the man we had seen walking many times in the morning and afternoons. What intrigued us the most was that he would walk along the side of the road as his two tame dogs sat on the back of the walking caribou. It's a sight you have to witness for yourself.

I always wanted to take a picture of the dogs and the caribou but I couldn't lift my camera up in time. This time we could turn back and we did!

I walked a ways away and wanted to make sure it was okay if we could take a photo of his animals. He was so happy to be able to pose for us. You could tell that he enjoyed it very much. He told me that there were other photos and video clips somewhere online by some other people. I could believe him.

He saw that I had children in the car and encouraged them to get down to get a photo. Tim agreed and the children were excited to get down. The roads were quite busy so we tried to steer them away.

When I was done taking some photos of the children with the caribou and dogs, he offered to take our photo. It's so neat that this is so typical of friendly islanders from Saipan and Guam and the Marianas in general. They love to offer to take your family photo so that you too could have a memory of the photographer. I gladly accepted.

Sharing the Good News of the Savior

Then we got in the car and Tim got down.

He wanted to share a Gospel tract with the kind man. The Gospel illusion tract from Living Waters is one of our favorite ones to give away. Some times people want more. Some times people treat it like it's a precious gift and they can't believe we're giving it to them. We tell them that we buy it to give away to people like them.

The man was absolutely amazed at how quickly the shapes of the tracts seemed to change before his eyes. First he went from deep concentration to amazement, and then to laughter. He thought it was that good.

He was so excited to accept the tracts. He even asked Tim to demonstrate it a number of times just so that he could share it to others!

Time to Leave

It was time to go and my husband left him with a little gift for his kindness to our family. He didn't want to accept it. Tim told him that he was always giving others gifts of his time and we would like him to have it.

Then he offered to walk to a nearby field or parking lot so that he could give our children caribou rides like he does for the children of Guam on the weekends and special events. How very sweet! We told him that we would love to but we would try to do that another time since the baby was needing to get home to nurse again. He understood.

He invited us to an event on the Naval Base where he was going to be giving the children free caribou rides. We told him we would love to try to make it to that!

So Thankful

Our day turned out better than we had planned! It was a joy to see what God had in store for us that day --- all the special people, treats, offers, and time well spent.

We were at awe at the many people we got to share Gospel tracts with that day. We were also so amazed at the enthusiasm of all the recipients! There have been some moments when people were not receptive to accepting it but for the most part many people are more than excited to getting them. We praise the Lord for that!

We have a little video footage that we may get to post here. Stay tuned in this post for news on that!


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