Back Home in FL from NW AR and Thank You for Praying


Yay! We made it back home safely a few hours ago and are exhausted but encouraged. Thank you to those who were praying for our safe travel from Florida to NW Arkansas and back as well as our grief and mostly the dear brethren there. It was hard at times, but wonderful to remember a special woman who loved sharing about Jesus so much.

We’ve already started getting into high gear planning our move to Texas as soon as we arrived, learning from rough bathroom break situations while traveling this time, and other logistics from previous moves. We also spoke again about how we’ll miss so many people, especially our loving church family here in Pensacola.

God has been gracious to allow us to come back for another tour here these past two years and are bracing for the close of it all in just two months from now, Lord willing. We’re thankful for all these blessings, and thank you for all those who have still been reaching out to us and praying. God bless you. 🙏❤️

(Sidenote: Tim had his earbuds in for a work conference call like he had to during this trip. Advancements in tech have been a great blessing too.)

(This was an Instagram post made over an hour ago and thought it would be helpful to share here too. We’ve been wanting to transfer many posts from Instagram and Facebook over here to our website too as well as video channels for a very long time now. Hopefully we can start doing that sometime in the near future.)