Is That a Safe Car?

Is That a Fast Car?

While I was cleaning Noah came into the kitchen with one of his Hot Wheels cars. I asked him, “Noah, is that a fast car?!”

Noah said, “Yes, it’s a FAST car!”

Was That Wise?

After I said that, I thought, why am I encouraging my little boy to love fast cars? When I was growing up, I liked fast cars, but soon realized that safe cars were much more desirable after I witnessed some terrible accidents as a result of recklessly driving “fast” cars.

It seemed much wiser to encourage my little boy to value safe cars rather than the vanity of a fast car. I then said, “Noah, is that a SAFE car?” I made sure he saw and heard my excitement.

Is That a Safe Car?

He then started running around the kitchen and dining room area with his car exclaiming, “It’s a SAFE car! It’s a SAFE car!”

Be Courageous

It's absolutely imperative that fathers teach their children correct values and forsake the vanity that our society teaches. I encourage you, fathers, to be courageous enough to really think about what you teach your children even through the seemingly insignificant moments.