Happy 2017 from Tim and Franicia

Time flies

The saying, "Time flies" is used a lot, but it's so true! Time does seem to slip through our fingers if we're not very careful!


In God's Word, He compares our lives to a vapor, grass that grows on the roof top and is burnt scorched by the sun, a flower in a field that springs up and blooms but is burnt by the sun that same day and dies, and a breeze that blows then is gone. I love that the descriptions of our life are of pretty, pleasant things like flowers, vapor, a breeze, and green grass -- we've all broken God's law and deserve His wrath, but He's so merciful and patient with us!

Fun-filled year for Tim

The fleeting quality of time is especially real to me at the end of the year. I can hardly believe that 2016 has come and is almost over. For our family, 2016 was a fun-filled and exciting year with a couple of trials interspersed. At the beginning of the year, I (Tim) experienced a DVT in my right calf that broke off and went to my lungs. I could've died from that, but the Lord spared my life! Later in July, I had another DVT. This time it was in my left calf, but I was able to self-diagnose it before it became life-threatening. Following the second DVT, my doctor determined that I had a couple of conditions present in my body that contribute to my blood clotting when it shouldn't. This month, I learned that I'll probably separated from the Navy due to these medical issues. That's a blow to my pride since I've always thought myself to be tough and "good warrior material," but Franicia, our children, and I are trusting in the Lord's goodness and faithfulness. Whatever happens will be for our good -- we're confident in that.

Fun-filled year for Priscilla

Our youngest, Priscilla, was born late last year. She's been such a sweet little girl. It's so sweet to watch all of the children grow, but it's especially sweet to see the transition children make from being a newborn to being a toddler. They learn and grow so quickly. It's also so sweet to discover and learn about the precious soul that makes each of our children who they are. Her spirit is so sweet, tender, and affectionate. We've all enjoyed the joy that she brings to our family.

Heistheway and Pelaiah are growing up so quickly

Heistheway and Pelaiah have really started blooming into little women this year. In fact, one Sunday this summer when I was talking to one of the men at church, a woman came up to me and was standing very close -- definitely inside my personal space for someone not related to me. I was thinking, "who's this lady standing so close to me?" When I looked over to see who it was, it was Heistheway! I realized then how much she had really grown!

Heistheway and Pelaiah are so close in age that some people think that they may be twins. Though Heistheway started really growing quickly first, Pelaiah hasn't been very far behind. Our dentist recommended that Pelaiah get braces, and we had them installed just a few days ago. She was looking pretty mature before the braces, but now she looks even more mature -- maybe because it's much more common to see young adults with braces than children. They're both very precious, beautiful young ladies. What we love the most about them is that they love the Lord and love people -- beautiful on the inside and out!

Our middle children are growing so quickly too

The middle children; Abraham, Noah, Daniel, and Shiloh; have been growing and maturing very much this year too. Abraham has really made a lot of progress in his schooling and is now reading novels, writing essays, and advancing quickly through his math curriculum. Noah's been learning how to read and is really loving his newly acquired skill. Daniel and Shiloh have been learning their letters and numbers and are excited to learn just about anything! We've always worked to instill in our children an inquisitive attitude so that they're hungry to learn, and are so happy that our children love learning.

Our hopes for 2017

For 2017, we hope to grow and refine our offerings for TimandFranicia.com, better market our books and continue working on new ones through Wholesome.Press, and launch Wholesome.Place. We've expect to make a transition of some sort this year with my work so we're trying to be ready for whatever that transition may entail, and, most-importantly, we hope to grow in our faith, love, and knowledge of God and in our relationships both inside and outside our family.

We pray that 2017 is a wonderful year for you and yours. May you seek God, love Him, love your neighbor, and thrive in 2017. As 2017 begins, what are your hopes for the year? What are your goals?