Robinson Curriculum is a great homeschool curriculum that will get your children reading a lot of historical literary works where they'll learn about history from the source. They also learn about communication and writing by reading those literary works then writing essays about what they've read. Our children have really enjoyed reading and have learned many grammar rules very quickly.

Khan Academy is free, online education for adults and children alike. It is not a faith-based curriculum, and, as always, parents need to ensure that they're involved in what their children are learning. We have noticed some progressive themes in some of the material. Their math curriculum, however, is very good.

Saxon Math

Saxon Math is a very good and thorough math curriculum that offers math courses all the way up to Calculus. We had been using Khan Academy for our children's math until recently (end of 2017). We moved to Saxon Math because it was too easy for our children to get distracted, and we didn't feel like they were progressing in their math skills as quickly as they should. So far (Febraury 2018), they're thriving with Saxon Math and enjoy it!