We're Tim and Franicia White. We love the Lord and strive to please Him in all that we do! Our mission is to encourage others to do the same. We also love delicious, wholesome food, and enjoy life together as a family. Here you'll find encouragement and tools to help you on your journey to a healthy, wholesome life.

Cooking TV Show Episode

In 2012, our family was asked to be filmed on Guam for a cooking show on a military channel episode. The cooking show aired frequently on island during the day together with other helpful guides for family life on Guam.

The TV show host Lt Blas admired how we ate healthy real and wholesome nourishing food and organic in general.  So he asked if he could have us on their TV show for a healthy cooking episode.  We had no clue he was a TV show host since we do not watch or have cable in our home.

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