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Done Writing Two More Children's Books

Sometimes I'll start writing. Other times I'll work on illustrating.

Very rarely do I finish writing an entire children's book in one sitting, but I have. God receives all the praise for that!

How I'm Trying to Prevent DVTs and PEs

Even though I’m a relatively healthy 36-year old...I mean young man, I almost died at the end of January this year due to a clot deep in my right calf (deep vein thrombosis, or DVT) that broke up and went through my heart and peppered both of my lungs (pulmonary embolism, or PE). 

There are some things that I’ve been doing differently to prevent being hospitalized again or dying from another DVT and PE.

July 4th, 2016 - Independence Day: 240 Years Later

240 years ago, the courageous forefathers of the United States came together to declare independence from a king and a nation that was, at that time, tyrannical in their rule over the American colonies. 

Preparing Travel Food from Scratch for a Family of Nine

We've done various things for road trip meal preparations and sometimes it's a lot simpler.

Sneak Peek Magazine Article for "Exercise Can Be Simple, Easy, and Fun"

...I not only went through another and much longer “boot camp” phase but did various obstacle courses, swam, boxed, wrestled, ran in boots with a rifle in tow, trained with Navy SEALs because my run times weren't fast enough, or endured the dreaded “Swim PEP,” an alternative to the regular physical fitness program conducted in a pool, with the SEALs because I had various injuries.

Loving Fathers Impact the World

Praise God for faithful and loving fathers! They impact the world in more ways than we can fathom.

Cayenne Pepper, Garlic, Blood Clots, and Gun Shot Wounds?

We have been using and known the valuable benefits of cayenne pepper and garlic for a long time now, but not it's tremendous effect together. 👍

Asking Our Homeschooled Daughters (Barely in Their Teens) Questions About U.S. History and Politics

I just put two of our homeschooled children on the spot and asked them some questions.

Remembering on Memorial Day

These photos from last year's Memorial Day at the Chattanooga National Cemetery give me mixed emotions

My Favorite Mother

Being a mother must be awesome. The power that mothers have to affect change in society really is huge! The saying that, "the hand that rocks the cradle rules the world" pretty accurately describes the power that mothers have (although God is sovereign and is the One that truly rules the world).

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